Sleeping Habit.

Published: 16th December 2009
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Regularize your sleeping habit. Your body is more prone to following a certain pattern if you set a regular rhythm. Try to establish a certain time for sleep and then go to bed on the same time each night. Set your alarm on the same time everyday, too, regardless of whether it's a weekday, a weekend or a holiday. Once your body recognizes a given pattern, it will follow your initiative and give in.

Avoid alcohol before bedtime. I have seen people relapse because sleep became more important than sobriety. It's best to develop a sleeping habit without resorting to outside triggers. Let sleep come from within and not as a result alcohol or pills. The increase in the number of people becoming addicted to sleeping pills is alarming. They are very addictive.

Attempt a few methods to help you relax and wind down. It is possible to take steps to wind down in the evening to be able to sleep soundly. You should be able to break the sleeping pill habit quite quickly by using some relaxation techniques. Try using essential oils in your hot bath. Oils such as lavender can be very relaxing. Another option is to have soothing music playing. At times some yoga or simple stretching can relieve body tension that prevents you from sleeping. Each and every one of these techniques can help you fall asleep without using sleeping pills.

Exercise early. If you're getting regular exercise, it's best to do it in the morning or at lunch time, not just before going to bed. Exercise helps stimulate the body, keeping you feeling refreshed and active long into the night. If you must perform a few exercises, keep to breathing and stretching routines that are slow and rhythmic.

Don't force it. Thinking about sleep will only make you lose sleep. If you're having trouble with sleeplessness one night, don?t try to push yourself into falling asleep because you'll only end up upset and anxious.

Brainwave entertainment is a relatively new solution for Sleeplessness problems. All the person has to do is pop in a CD, turn it on, and then slide into bed and try to go to sleep as normal. Within minutes, the sounds from the brainwave entertainment CD will enter the listener's brain and lull him or her to sleep. There are no side effects and no "druggy" after effects when you wake up -- you'll just fall asleep fast and stay asleep longer.

The problem with sedatives is that, while they are effective in making a person fall asleep, they do not provide the quality of sleep that people actually need. Another danger that these sleeping pills pose is the possible dependency that can develop as a result of using them especially for a prolonged period of time. When you become dependent to a sleeping pill then that means that you would have a hard time sleeping if you will not take that pill.

Anxiety causing sleeplessness makes for a double barrel attack on our bodies, as lack of sleep eventually affects our cognitive thinking abilities, our sense of better judgment, higher reasoning and even moral fortitude. Struggling with anxiety feeds into our sleeplessness, but paradoxically it also drains us of energy at the same time.
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