Acumagic And Acupoint Treasure

Published: 17th December 2009
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The Acumagic electronic healthcare apparatus is designed to help assess and accurately diagnose your current state of health. This heightens awareness of your body and possible symptoms you may have noticed. The machine is very easy to use.

This apparatus is excellent for the family, and should be in every home. It can be used for initial diagnosis of several ailments and illnesses.

The hand diagnosis detects ailments such as: Gastritis, Blood Pressure, Stasis, Kidney problems, Weaknesses in Spleen, Angina, Cardiac problems, Hyperthyroidism, Lung problems etc.

This product is not suitable for people who suffer from the following conditions: Epilepsy, Malignant, Tumour, Pulmonary Tuberculosis, Severe Cardiac Insufficiency, Hemorrhagic Disease and/or Hemorrhagic Tendency. It is also not suitable for people with pacemakers, or pregnant women.

Acupoint Treasure is a pocket-sized specific medical acupuncture instrument adopting new technology. It is effective for hypertension, inflammation, pain and clearing and activating the channels and collateral, and improving microcirculation. Acupoint Treasure was invented according to the ancient Chinese acupuncture therapy, electric pulse therapy and magnetic therapy.

Central to the concept of Acupuncture is the idea that human body is a self-healing dynamic whole ,full of energy and vitality, which is being constantly regenerated and rebalanced from with in .Acupuncture seeks to enhance body's natural healing process by redirecting or realigning this is called Qi (chi).

Along with the concept of Qi ,Acupuncture postulates that Qi or energy flows and circulates through the body in a network of meridians or channels .There are 14 meridians .12-paired and 2 unpaired .Each of these has a body organ or system

associated to it.

Tianshi Acupoint treasure is a pocket sized specific medical needless acupuncture instrument .It is called green therapy with rapid and obvious effectiveness ,convenience ,safety and with out cross infection or side effects .This is the first invention of its kind in both china and abroad .

The Acupoint Treasure was invented to model after the ancient therapy of chinese acupuncture, using magnetic and electric therapy.

Acupoint Treasure (also called the "Magical Needle"), when applied to the body's acupressure or meridian points, will focus the device's magnetic cluster through the skin, clearing "blockages" and disturbances to promote flow and circulation of "chi" (or the bio-electric field of the body).

It has taken more than 10 years of research, development and clinical application on the Acupoint Treasure with an effectiveness of up to 98.4%. It has won high acclaim from doctors, medical experts and patients all over the world.

It's simple application of 'press', 'scan' and 'pulse' makes it a reliable healthcare tool for the relieve of various ailments ranging from migraine headaches to fever.

When you adopt acupression on the acupoints, the focused magnetic cluster will function through the skin upon the acupoints, thus clearing and activating the channels and collaterals, promoting circulation of micrangium within foci and adjusting disturbance in a bio-electric field and magnetic field by way of scanning and injecting certain electric pulses to achieve an overall health effect.

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